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Reviews for Kings Head (Write a Review)
By Alex on 2011-01-07 about a Friday After Work

food is ok but not much variety

By John on 2011-01-07 about a Friday After Work

People are nice to talk with.

Very good place
By klondike on 2010-12-03 about a Friday After Work

The music was good, there was some foood variety and the prices were OK. The waiter was sympatetic although it got a bit crowded (I got around 18:00 and took the last seat). Anyway I'd recommend it to everybody.

By Alessio on 2010-02-19 about a Friday After Work

For making new friends it is quite good and the drinks are cheap, but honestly the food leaves much to be desired.

By Martin on 2009-04-10 about a Friday After Work

This is definitely one of the most friendliest places in Göteborg. It's nothing fancy but the beers are cheap and it's always full of nice people.

Very good place
By Paul on 2008-12-16 about a Friday After Work

Fairly good food well supplied. Cosy atmosphere that you cannot find in aveny's pubs. Nice staff. Quite crowdy. Definitly worth it!

King's Head - after work
By Simeon on 2008-10-25 about a Thursday After Work

Trevlig personal, billig öl och god buffé. Buffén hade god köttfärssås, någon couscousröra, tre olika pastasallader (varav en mycket god) och ett par andra salladsröror.

This place rocks!
By Joe on 2008-10-13 about a Friday After Work

I love this place! The people are so easy to talk to and they serve a lot of food and the beers are cheap. It gets crowded but it makes a perfect atmosphere to talk to people. I definitely recommend.