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Reviews for Diamond Dogs Bar (Write a Review)
The punisher!
By A customer on 2010-03-07 about a Friday After Work

Hej You idiot who says dont go the diamond dogs! First of all, you are the cheap one! How can you ecpect a first class treatment when you go to the Diamond? You probbaly had 70 krons on you, drank a beer for 29 krons just before 23:00 And i guess you tought that you would pay the same price all year around, and after eleven i guess you fight with the stuff and got your ass kicked from the bar. Just a last suggestion for you cheap moron! Go and buy some beer from germany and drink it at home looser!!!!!

Unfriendly staff and dirty
By Seb on 2010-02-01 about a Friday After Work

Don't go there very undriendly staff, dirty and smelly everywhere. Totally overpriced they cheat on the drinks which don't taste any liquor. 48 for draft beer, vodka with cheap energy drink and low amounts of vodka:79. Avoid!