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Not so good
By Eddy on 2013-02-15 about a Friday After Work

The worst thing about the place was the variety of the food. There was only one type of salad and thats the only thing that vegiatarians could eat there besides chips. Note that there were no sauce you could eat chips with. Also there vas some potatoe stew with nasty big chunks of pork in it and some gound meet souce...I guess for the stew. No wi-fi. Unpleasent staff that was taking emty plates that are before you and you were just eating from them. It seemed they just couldn't wait for customers to get the hell out of there. An yaeh, mens bathrooms where pretty bad. If you want to pee in gutter, that place is meant for you! 20 krona for cloakroom.

No refills
By anna on 2009-10-11 about a Friday After Work

The food was good. But at 18:45 some food was already gone and at 19 there was no food anymore while they state that they have afterwork until 19:30.

A fairly good place!
By Paul on 2008-12-04 about a Friday After Work

Lots of seats, good food (lots of chicken there!). Unfortunately the food is not so varied.