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Reviews for La Sombrita (Write a Review)
Worst place ... worst hospitality seen
By Michael on 2010-01-01 about a Friday After Work

This place sucks bigtime ...very expensive drinks coupled with buffet dishes picked up and taken back 15 min. before the scheduled time inspite of them knowing that we are buying beer and approaching food after that ... result: we left stranded with empty plates ... what a hospitality ... after that we were told to leave the table and drink out bcoz it becomes restaurant after 18 00 and people "MIGHT" come .. La Sombrita Sucks .. DO NOT GO THERE !!!

The worst ever...
By Johan on 2009-01-28 about a Friday After Work

Paul explained very well the policy done by the sombrita is really ... really ... really bad. Say that it's an After Work and gives just some pasta... I don't speak about the extra food which is f*cking expensive.

Very bad one...
By Paul on 2008-12-04 about a Friday After Work

I've been trying most of GBG afterwork's and I can say that... La Sombrita is definitly the worst ever. The "offered" tapas were actually priced @75 sek. We only had pasta with olives...