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Reviews for Respekt (CLOSED) (Write a Review)
The bar is no more
By klondike on 2010-12-03 about a Friday After Work

This bar is already closed. In its place a pub opened which seems to have no after work.

Nice food but...
By Paul on 2008-12-04 about a Friday After Work

Too many people in this place! After 18h you have to queue for 20 minutes if you wanna grab additional food... The food is OK and offers a great variety.

By Johan on 2008-11-13 about a Friday After Work

Stort ställe med mycket plats. Helt ok buffé. Dock väldigt många som gillar buffé så man får räkana med att stå i kö för att få lite mat. Vill man slippa bufféfrossan så kan man häga på nedervåningen. Där det är lite lugnare.

A big place with a lot of "ok" food.
By Joe on 2008-04-10 about a Friday After Work

This is a big place and has tons of food. Although, the food is a little weird: basically a mishmash of meat, rice and noodels. Don't quite understand but when you have some beers in you, it doesn't matter.