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By A. on 2013-01-11 about a Friday After Work

You need to be over 25 to enter

Really nice place
By klondike on 2010-09-03 about a Friday After Work

The place wasn't too crowded, the food was a bit spicy though nice and the prices were good. Also the afterwork was for free. Really good place.

By Tatiane Teixeira on 2009-10-23 about a Friday After Work

jag älskar louge på fredagar..

Roof bar
By Anna on 2009-10-11 about a Friday After Work

Entrance is for free and the food is good. Beers, ciders and even cocktails are cheap. The roof top bar is amazing if the weather is nice.

Very nice!
By Joahnna on 2009-02-13 about a Friday After Work

Trevligt med hämtbox med nudlar och gott rött vin! Minus för att musiknivån är på tok för hög!!

By Stefan on 2008-12-17 about a Friday After Work

Been there twice. Upstairs is nicer than downstairs. The food is greasy but free! There's actually a small dancefloor upstairs. I'm not sure if it's open all the time but there's 2 floors of bathrooms in case you really need to go bad!

Better than expected.
By Joe on 2008-10-18 about a Friday After Work

From looking outside I thought this place would be very snobby. Surprisingly it's very cozy and the people are very nice. The main floor is dark and good if you want some privacy. Upstairs is more lively and easier to meet people.