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Not a real Afterwork :-(
By Exchange Student on 2012-10-06 about a Friday After Work

If you go to the buffet for a second time, then you will point by a guard yelled, "It's not about food, it's just a snack". An Afterwork where you can take only one time (!) food, is not After Work. Especially since I and my companion had not fully stacked the dishes or something like that. Anyway: A restaurant where you will be monitored by security guards? :-( The food itself is ok: chicken wings, pasta, some raw vegetables. But the atmosphere itself is uncomfortable and unfriendly, as After-Work-Customer you are not allowed tot sit outside in the sun, but must sit on bad places at the edge. The staff smiles although much (it's a very professional chain), but you are not treated very courteously. You feel that the Hard Rock Cafe wants to curry favor the local custom of the After Work: But actually the idea of ​​giving the customer something a little cheaper annoys them. They just want a very fine customers with a lot of money. Mainly tourists. There are a lot of nicer, more open and friendly places (with younger and better locking people alos ;-), like Kings Head.

The best service combined with good music and a good enviroment.
By A customer on 2012-06-09 about a Friday After Work

This place is simple really nice, they treat you like king either you have a couple of beer or a thound kr dinner. Is really a nice environment, no bosy is pushing you to finish or to leave and waitreses always have an smaile and they are pleased to assist you. And of course, nice, nice, nice music.

Oily food
By Tina on 2009-05-08 about a Friday After Work

I heard the buffet was really good but when I got there it looked like the food was out there for so long and soaked in oil.

By Joe on 2009-03-06 about a Friday After Work

The food looked a little disgusting. It was pretty small too. I heard they usually serve really good food and ribs but maybe it's for the summers. I thought it was actually going to be pretty good. The bar area gets really crowded so get there early!

God After Work-buffé!
By Sara on 2008-04-16 about a Friday After Work

Maten är värd högsta betyg, men stämningen på Hard Rock kunde vara bättre!