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Don't go there
By klondike on 2010-10-01 about a Friday After Work

My visit to the pub was very short lived, I was stopped at the door because according to the guard my trousers where work trousers (odd). Before me a couple of asiatics was rejected, though I don't know the reasons. There are way better afterworks in the zone where they won't reject you for such idiocys.

OK food, racist behaviour of staff
By Rad on 2010-04-16 about a Friday After Work

The staff thing that they are doing the customers a favor by having afterwork!!! The food is OK but the staff will give you such a hard time specially if you are a foreigner. Once they didn't let our friends in because they didn't have their passports with them! Who on earth carries a passport around to get into an afterwork??! they even didn't accept EU ID card!!! DO NOT GO THERE!

By Kia on 2010-04-16 about a Friday After Work

bad manners of staff, OK food

Incredible place
By Laura on 2010-02-19 about a Friday After Work

It is one of the best afterwork I have ever been!!! The food is quite nice, the only problem is that the place is too big so there are always long queue to get in and for the food too. But it is so good ! I really recommend it !!!

Not good
By A customer on 2009-05-08 about a Friday After Work

Not good at all

bad behaviour
By Vincent on 2009-05-01 about a Friday After Work

awful food and bad behavior of the staff

old food
By Fredrik on 2009-04-29 about a Friday After Work

food was smelling. Seems like they give left over food of several days.

Nice Place
By Sajjad on 2009-04-24 about a Friday After Work

It is the best After Work that I attended in Göteborg. Variety of food and drink cost only 26 SEK. The place is quite crowded and one have to wait long to get in to food.

By Alex on 2009-04-24 about a Friday After Work

Food finish quickly and nothing specail in food.

Pehraps one of the best "cheap" A/W's
By Paul on 2009-01-28 about a Friday After Work

Definitly worth it. Really inexpensive (25sek for a coke) and nice food (pastas, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, french fries and so on). But so crowded, so a expect a huge queue before reaching the food... Age limit: 23 years old.